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NEWS & UPCOMING STORIES (as of 2/23/23):

“To Milford Haven” scheduled 2023 w/ Alternating Current Press

“Comrade Slug’s Thermos” scheduled 2023 w/ Flying Ketchup Press

“Brainstorm” scheduled 2023 w/ Forest Avenue Press

“The Cube” scheduled 2023 w/ Millennial Pulp

“Santa, Undone” scheduled 2023 w/ Streetlight Magazine

“The Nap Gun” scheduled 2023 w/ Fauxmoir

Travis Flatt, circa 2017

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Travis Flatt earned his BA in English at the University of Tennessee and his MA in Education at Tennessee Technological University. From 1999 through today, he’s worked in theatre through various Southeastern states and lived out of a car/motel in Los Angeles. Now, he lives with his family in Middle Tennessee.

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