Welcome to author Travis Flatt’s writing blog.

This page is constantly undergoing revision. Currently, it operates as a vessel to link to his published short stories. To his stories available to read online, click the Online Stories button. For the stories available to buy hard copy, click Print Stories.

The “blog” aspect of the site is secondary, at best.


As of 2/25/22, these stories are scheduled to be published by SUMMER 2022:

“Animalistic” — “The Gleaming Cube” — “Brainstorm”

Also, the delayed stories “Comrade Slug’s Thermos” and “To Milford Haven” should see their publication by WINTER 2022.

Thus, if all goes well, this site should double in content in 2022. Also, the neglected “Blog” content has been temporarily removed for heavy revision.

Travis Flatt, circa 2017

The purpose of this blog is to share my stories and get feedback from you. You can contact me on Twitter @TravisLFlatt or Instagram TravisLFlatt. My email is travisflatt@travisflattblog.com.



Travis Flatt earned his BA in English at the University of Tennessee and his MA in Education at Tennessee Technological University. From 1999 through today, he’s worked in theatre through various Southeastern states and lived out of a car/motel in Los Angeles. Now, he lives with his family in Middle Tennessee.

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